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Terms and Conditions

With you safety in mind we have done everything in our power to ensure that your tour will be safe and enjoyable. We ask you to read and sign this conformation verifying your understanding of risks and obligations taking this tour.

Buggy X-treme reserves the right to alter travel itinerary according to weather and road conditions for the customer’s well being and safety.
Guests are obligated to follow directions regarding safety and regulations in line with Icelandic law and regulations.
Guests are expected to respect Icelandic nature and environment.
Passengers must be aware that taking the tour might involve some risks
Passengers must inform the staff at Buggy X-Treme Iceland of their special medical needs or conditions such as:
Diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, severe allergies or back injury, and the medication I take for them – I am aware that the tour can involve risk to pregnancy (please notify the guide if you are pregnant).
Passengers may not under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs
There is no age restriction for adult passengers but drivers must present a valid international driver’s licence to operate the Buggy cars.
Age limit for children is 7 years old – Please let us know in advance so we can make the appropriate preparations.
Passengers are responsible for all their personal belongings.
Passengers must be aware that the operator's liability extends only to accidents caused by defects or incorrect use of equipment by the employees and/or carelessness on their behalf
Buggy X-treme is not liable for any delay or failure to perform in unforeseeable circumstances.
Passengers must aware that as the driver of the buggy car, they are fully responsible for the vehicle and any damages caused to the vehicle during the tour
Passengers must pay on the spot for all damages they cause
My own liability is never more than 250.000 ISK
Cancellations must be made 24 hours before departure.
If you fail to cancel after that time you will be charged full price. Please contact us at info@buggyxtreme.is if anything comes up.