Enjoy your X-treme adventure with us!


BUGGY X-TREME ICELAND offers buggy tours in Iceland on the most powerful cars available. But why? Because X-treme nature calls for X-treme buggy's. We have always been surrounded by the beautiful nature of Iceland. While living on the south coast we have experienced some astonishing things, that we want you to experience too. For many years we have been trying to figure out the best way to get deep into nature. Finally the answer came to us - Buggy Cars. We operate our tours in small groups to ensure a personal service for you, which includes a personal guide along with a personal experience to you. Our quad Buggy's are able to go places where rental cars can't, and we are able to go there without disrupting our beautiful nature. We want to take the phrase "being in touch with nature" to the next level. Waterfalls, black beaches, volcanic mountains, Icelandic terrain and hot springs, all just a click away. We thrive to make your journey as enjoyable as the Icelandic nature is to us.


Our team is all about the X-Treme, here you can get to know them a little better. But if you really want to get to know them, it's simple, just book a tour.


Owner/Tour Guide
Fjalar is born in the East side of Iceland and started exploring the Icelandic nature as a child. He loves climbing mountains, hunting, kayaking, motorcycling, skiing, hunting, fishing and of course to drive our Buggy's. He has travelled around our country for work and knows the country well. He also lived in England for a few years. In his free time he loves to enjoy the company of his family and go berry or mushroom picking, playing in the snow, watching a movie or whatever the season has to offer.